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Different Ways to Solve Math Problems

You will have to work hard in your math papers for you to get much wanted grade.All you need is focus and determination. It is not easy passing math but through calculation it is possible. Pupils fear math with the belief that it is hard.These are guidelines on how you can do some of these calculations.You may have come across a decimal and fraction. Is it possible for a decimal to become a fraction? The denominator has to be a power of 10,100 and many more. it is not necessary to have a denominator in a decimal. This in turn will make it easier for you do calculations.

The Use of a Calculator
Many of us use a calculator or own one. Decimals come many forms and may give you a hard time on how to do them. You may be asked to use a calculator to change a decimal into a fraction. How can you change 0.55 into a fraction?This means that the numerator is 55 while the denominator is 100.Therefore you will have 55/100. The calculation I still not complete. Make the equation through dividing both numbers. This number is 5 and a simplified fraction would be 11/55.

It quite possible to make a fraction into a decimal. The fact that you are aware of what a numerator and a denominator is makes things easier. You will not have a problem doing this calculation. For you to go about it all you need is to take the denominator and divide it with the numerator. An example 100/55.How about when you are converting a fraction and you have recurring numbers for example. 0.4444. It is not at all difficult if you look at the last digit. Its less than five hence the final answer will be 0.444. If the number had be greater than 5,it would have been added to the next number to bring 0.446. Do not feel like these calculations will get the best or else you will not be able to do them.

It is not odd to have come across the word log. Logs are introduced in high school and are broken down further in universities.Logarithm is an inverse way of raising one quantity to the power of another. It almost looks like multiplication only done in a different way.A log base e is where by the fixed base of number must be raised in order to get the log number. There enormous opportunities in mathematics. Through the following guidelines you are able to do better calculations.

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