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Primary Causes and Treatment of Snoring

Snoring is the noise which is made by an individual when breathing in through the nose or mouth while they are asleep. The sound is produced when air is obstructed by a constricted airway resulting to vibrating of soft palate of the throat. Snoring occurs as a result of various things such as sinuses and nasal blocking as a result of the collection of mucus which is the primary cause of snoring.

Snoring is also caused by wrong sleeping posture such as sleeping on your back which relaxes throat muscles hence producing the sound. Becoming old comes with wearing of body parts like narrowing of throat muscles which produce the noise. People who are overweight are prone to snoring as excess fat in the body, and weak muscles obstruct the throat causing the snoring. Excess alcohol ingestion and smoking of cigarettes may cause excess relaxation of throat muscles leading to snoring.

Snoring should not be ignored as it may result in serious health problems, petulance, and insufficient sleep. Frequent snoring may cause problems in a relationship of a once loving couple. Happily currently there is introduction of numerous methods which can be used in treating snoring problems. The first step is to ascertain the root cause of snoring and if you can fix it you ought to do it with immediate effect. If you cannot fix the problem by yourself you should try medical attention as it may be a condition known as Sleeping Apnea. Sleeping Apnea is whereby a Person stops to breath for a few seconds in their sleep.

Sleeping Apnea can be fixed with the use of BiPAP apparatus which is precisely made to fix such sleeping problem. BiPAP machine is kind of a mask with a small air pump that’s fastened in an individual’s mouth. The machine is used to force air through an individual’s nostrils. The machine is used to monitor breath as well as regulating air pressure needed in breathing to maintain the proper balance of inhaled and exhaled air. Bipap apparatus functions as a ventilator by maintaining the functionality of the lungs. Using Bipap device has its benefits such as improving the overall oxygenation of the body, boosting the activeness of the heart as well as minimizing the effort on the lungs to boost the breathing.

The machine comes in three designs namely nasal mask which is recommended for individuals with sleeping problem. Oral mask is recommended for individuals who sleep while opening their mouth. This kind of apparatus has a humidifier to safeguard the dryness of the mouth. Triangular mask is designed to fit individuals according to their face shape. Bipap machine is a medical kit which can only be used with the permission of a licensed medical doctor. The machine should be put on patients face by a physician who decides on the kind of pressure the patient should require breathing normally while they are asleep. A physician can only authorize stoppage of the use of BiPAP apparatus.

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Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Wellness? This May Help