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DIY Logo for Your Brand

As with any business or brand, one of your mission as the owner is to create a DIY logo that the target audience will remember. Logos act as the graphic representations of the brand or business. Businesses use these symbols on various campaigns and items like business cards, advertisements and stationery products to act as the visual symbol of the company; like when you see the manufacturer’s brand on a product you’ll immediately remember which company in came from. Taking all of that into account, it’s obvious that businesses have to prioritise the creation of an attractive logo.

Professionally designed logos can mark the beginnings of a business journey and it also means that you’re serious about the venture. Logo design service can cost a small fortune, so be sure that it’s worth every dollar you spent. People out there that either want to enter into the logo design industry or actually just want to add a personal touch to their business’ existing logo should keep the following tips in mind.

The Opinion of the Target Audience

Designing a logo on your own might be tricky at first but it can also be simple and easy. Before beginning with your logo, take into account some of the important initial factors like the target audience and the nature of the business. On one hand, it’s great if you like the logo you came up with but the opinion of the target audience is more important. Even though you may be the most conservative person anywhere, if the business is appealing to the younger crowd then your preferences may be different so you have to adjust when it comes to the design.

Simplicity is Key

Loyalty and trust are the main traits that a quality logo has to display and not all the service that the company provides. In the majority of cases, it’s much better to convey a simpler logo. Businesses that want to catch the attention of potential customers or remind their current ones of the services of the business then busy logos should be avoided at all costs. When we say simple, we mean clean and bold lines without all the elements that can take away attention from what the logo was originally trying to say.

Typography Elements

Obviously, typography is critical to an amazing logo design. Because of the fact the dozens of varying colours and fonts are available, you’ll surely be tempted to mix up contrasting colours and fonts and create a complex logo. Too many colours and fonts added to one logo will likely cause it to lose cohesion. Businesses invest time and effort into having the an ideal logo in order to keep the business in the mind if the clients, so a logo with distracting elements and wrong typography defeats the purpose.

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