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Natural Products That Will Knock Out Cancer

Cancer is a top killer disease in the world today and its effects are completely shattering. Cancer is usually treated using different measures, and most of these techniques often make patients weak in their quest for better health. Since cancer was discovered, there have been numerous studies about it in a bid to look for improved ways to deal with it and researchers have learnt of a plant that kills cancerous cells.

This tropical plant that fights cancer is known as Annona muricata, soursop or guananbaba. The plant is found in the Central and Southern parts of America and has for the last three centuries been used for healing. Its roots, bark, leaves, and fruits were commonly used as sedatives by the people of those regions and its usage has evolved to tackle other health conditions like; arthritis, liver problems, fevers, asthma, heart complaints, parasites in the human body, and diarrhea.

Graviola or soursop is a green, irregular shaped and mildly spiked fruit that contains a creamy white pulp and black seeds inside. It has a pleasant tropical taste and can either be eaten fresh or included in shakes, smoothies, and other foods or beverages. The leaves and barks of the wild soursop tree are usually let to dry to be used for Graviola tea or boiled to remove its medicinal elements.

The first clinical research ever done on the Graviola tree happened in 1976. The tests involved the examination of Graviola extracts on the cancerous cells of a pancreas, prostate, and lung and the outcome as the elimination of those cancerous cells. The chemical properties of the plant were tested in test tubes, but couldn’t be concluded without testing them on humans and animals. The Graviola plant surprisingly attacked the cancerous cells ten thousand times stronger than the popular chemotherapy drug known as Adriamycin.

The Graviola extract was seen to attack just the cancerous cells of the specimen provided, leaving the rest unharmed. This made it exceptional and preferred over the drugs used to treat cancer because they deteriorate all the cells in the human body. The Graviola extract rose above chemotherapy too because chemo has side effects which include hair loss and nausea and Graviola doesn’t. However, Graviola is still under study to check its safety in human beings before being marketed as a cure for cancer, and people cannot wait for it to be approved.

Annona squamosa, also known as the custard apple or sweetsop is a relative of the Graviola and contains healing properties as well. The fruit is popular for its positive effects on cancer, malaria, diabetes, hyperglycemia, and parasites. Unlike its counterpart Graviola, it does not handle conditions like diarrhea, anxiety, and wounds. It is particularly strong with anti-diabetes properties and it controls diabetes in pregnant mother to restrain the chances of birth with defects.

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